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HKC is organised and run by Shihan Nigel Smart 5th Dan who has taught locally since 1990.

The club is based in Harpenden and currently holds classes in Harpenden and Hemel Hempstead.
Hertfordshire Karate Centre (HKC) is a member of the World Shoseikan Karatedo (WSK) / Japanese Karate Federation Goju- Kai

We have the benefit of working closely with Shihan Steve Duffy (6th Dan WSK)  who is a professional Karate instructor of many years standing and organiser of Shoseikan England. Shihan Duffy teaches in the north London area and hold regular classes throughout the week for adults and children.

Shoseikan England is a branch of the World Shoseikan Karatedo (WSK) with headquarters in Chiba, Tokyo and Japan. The WSK was founded in 1968 by Kancho Katsutoshi Ishihara 9th Dan.
Kancho Ishihara was an understudy of Gogen Yamaguchi and helped spread Goju- Kai Karate to many countries outside of Japan throughout the early 1970’s.

We are passionately committed to teaching both traditional and modern aspects of Shoseikan Goju Ryu Karate and facilitate this by maintaining strong links with Japan, the home of Goju- Kai.

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Kancho Ishihara was born in Chiba, Japan. He started learning Karate in 1963 under Grandmaster Gogen Yamaguchi, one of the most famous Karate teachers of modern times. Through his natural talent, discipline and hard work, Kancho Ishihara achieved the Black Belt 3rd Dan in 1968 and became an Instructor of the All-Japan Karate-Do Goju-Kai. In the same year, he established the first Shoseikan Dojo in his hometown of Chiba, Japan. Since 1971, Kancho has travelled around the world promoting Goju-Ryu Karate. He has branches in Hong Kong, England, Canada, India, Taiwan and the United States. Today, there are over 50 Shoseikan Dojo throughout the world.

1963 Started learning Goju-Ryu Karate with Gogen Yamaguchi
1968 Made an Instructor of All-Japan Karate-Do Goju-Kai HQ
1968 Established Shoseikan in Chiba, Japan
1971 Achieved 4th Dan All-Japan Karate-Do Goju-Kai
1975 Achieved 5th Dan All-Japan Karate-Do Goju-Kai
1978 Achieved 6th Dan All-Japan Karate-Do Goju-Kai
2002 Achieved 8th Dan All-Japan Goju-Ryu Karate-do Ass
2006 Achieved 9th Dan All-Japan Goju-Ryu Karate-do Ass
Level A Instructor All-Japan Karate-Do Union Goju-Kai
Permanent Director All-Japan Karate-Do Union Goju-Ka
Assistant HQ Chief All-Japan Karate-Do Union Goju-Kai (Kanto area)
Director Chiba Province Karate-Do Union
Advisor Chiba Province Karate-Do Union
Director Sosa City Karate-Do Union
Chief Representative All-Japan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Ass
Director World Shoseikan Karate-Do

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Barnet, Finchley, Mill Hill
Tel: Shihan Steve Duffy 0208 440 2644
Email: whitecrane108@aol.com