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CONGRATULATIONS- Welcome our latest Black Belt                                      LUCY BELL

Student of the Month - Congratulations



  Congraulations to our latest Junior Shodan- Ho Graduates:
 Daniel Gaches, Sapphira Rhodes, Betsy Barber and Nathan Black

               FINAL CLASSES DECEMBER 3rd 2021. We will be closed over the holiday period and resume JANUARY 2022

1:2:1 Training- Increase ability level and understanding of Kihon, Kata & sparring. Call to arrange a 30 minute private session.

We're looking for two children to add to our sponsorship program (currently 6 children).
The students will be enrolled in to our club and enjoy free equipment, tuition and mentoring from beginner through to Black belt and beyond if they want to advance further.
We'd prefer them to have no Martial Arts experience, to be enthusiastic and keen to learn new skills.
They're not expected to be strong, super sporty, supple or well coordinated (most adults get their left and right mixed up from time to time).
They will have a Brown or Black belt mentor in every class to help them intergrate in our club.
Please tell us how your child would benefit from this opportunity to learn Martial Arts and why they are should have sponsorship, be it from being bullied, small in stature, to build self esteem or for self- confidence. 
Class times are listed on the 'Calender' tab from the menu column.
Message us via the contact form with your name and a phone number for us to have a brief discussion and to arrange a suitable session.