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CONGRATULATIONS- Welcome our latest Black Belt                                      JESS COLLIS

Student of the Month - Congratulations



Congratulations NORA DEBRECZENI on winning 1st place (gold) and NATHAN BLACK on gaining 3rd place (Bronze) at the SRK OPEN KATA COMPETITION on NOVEMBER 20th

Adult Christmas meal= Zaza's Harpenden December 8th.

               FINAL CLASSES DEC 9th- 14th. Closed over the Christmas holiday until WEDNESDAY JANUARY 9th.

1:2:1 Training- Increase ability level and understanding of Kata & Kihon. Call to arrange a 30 minute private session.

 LITTLE DRAGON class- MONDAYS 3.45 to 4.30 especially formulated for children 4- 6 years old
 A fun and exciting introduction to Martial Arts using props, exercises, competitions, and games to stimulate a positive  mindset and Karate spirit.

 Green belt class MONDAYS 4.30 to 5.30 and WEDNESDAYS 4.45 to 5.45. Please note 6th Kyu students and above must     attend  5 additional classes each school term if they want to attempt their next Kyu (level) consecutively (3 times a year)!

 BROWN BELTS- Are expected to train at home as often as possible and to stretch daily!

 CONGRATULATIONS to our latest Junior Black Belt students-
 India McCalla- Leacy, Lucy Bell, Lui Newman, James Hollingbery, Niamh Beausang, Dylan Lumb and Gerard Dunleavey. 


Herts Karate Centre get visit from chief

KARATE: THE Hertfordshire Karate Centre first opened its Dojo (training hall) in London Colney’s Adventure World with 25 students in 1990, promoting their first Black Belt students in 1995.

Today they teach Martial Arts in Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans. Sensei Nigel Smart (Fourth Dan Black Belt) has since taught hundreds of students both the traditional and modern aspects of Goju Ryu Karate, which has strong roots in Japan.

Sensei Smart specialises in teaching Karate in after school clubs delivering a one-hour programme to promote fitness, discipline and respect in young children. He strongly believes children who take up a regular exercise regime and follow the discipline of Martial Arts are far more likely to develop self-confidence, which can boost their self esteem and help them prepare for challenges later in life.

HKC recently joined Shoseikan England (World Shoseikan Karate-do), a branch of the Japanese Karate Federation Goju- Kai, with clubs in London and surrounding areas. They were very fortunate to have an impromptu visit and master class from chief instructor Kancho Katsutoshi Ishihara (Ninth Dan WSK)

In July, 50 students hope to advance to the next Kyu grade (belt) including 20 attempting brown belt, under the watchful eye of Sensei Duffy (branch director- Shoseikan England) during a gruelling three-hour seminar and grading in St Albans on July 15.

In October the first Shoseikan English championships will take place where HKC students hope to win medals in Kata (set form movement) and Kumite (free style sparring).In November the club will continuously kick and punch for one hour in an effort to raise funds for local charities.

HKC are currently promoting beginners classes for adults and children on Wednesdays in Harpenden. If you are interested in learning Martial Arts, the Hertfordshire Karate Centre can be contacted on 07973 692664 or through the website www.hertfordshirekaratecentre.com

Adult class- Wood End School
Beginners class Wednesdays 7.30- 9.00. Come along and try a session